Category: Notes

  • Fixing a noisy Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO

    I’m using Ubiquiti networking gear to provide wireless connectivity at home. I’m happy with the easy of installation, management and performance of the devices. In the last weeks I started to notice that the UAP-AC-PRO that is mounted at the ceiling in my office space started making a buzzing/whining noise. This was not the case […]

  • Hostname instellen in Mac OS X

    Sinds een tijdje was de hostnaam in de terminal van mijn iMac veranderd in de originele hostname met een prefix -2. Nogal storend, maar wel eenvoudig te fixen…

  • UPS power consumption

    Recently I migrated my home server (a Linksys NSLU2 a.k.a. ‘Slug’) to a more powerful device (Mac Mini). The Mini has more capabilities and hence will run more services. Time to invest in a UPS that will keep the computer running when the electricity grid goes down. Since the power consumption of my home server […]

  • Setting the execute bit in SVN

    When committing files to an SVN repository, it happens that I forget to set the proper ‘execute’ permission. This results in problems when checking out a fresh working copy, as it seems that SVN does not take up a ‘chmod u+x’ on a file as a change when a commit is performed. This is easily […]

  • Permission hierarchy for Trac

    How to implement a hierarchical permission tree in the project-management tool Trac.

  • Unroute a complete PCB in Eagle

    Unrouting a complete PCB in Eagle means that all routed tracks on the board are reverted back into so-called ‘airwires’. Airwires are lines that show that there is a connection between 2 points on the board, but that no actual connection is routed yet. Unrouting signals on a board is called ‘ripup’ in Eagle slang.

  • Extract and count unique items in a list

    Excel easily allows to extract a list of unique items and count them. Handy when you have to extract an order list from a BOM of a PCB for example 😉

  • Comparing 2 Modelsim wave traces

    Comparing the wave traces of 2 different simulations in Modelsim is quite easy.

  • Enable tab completion in Windows terminal

    To enable tab completion in a command terminal on Windows, perform the following steps: Open regedit (Start->Run->’regedit’) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor Set the value for the key CompletionCharacter to 9

  • Outlook email blank subject warning

    Ever now and so often, it happens that I forget filling in the mail subject when composing an email in Outlook (typically when I have to send a rather important email…). Save yourself the annoyance by following the next steps.