Firmware update for utility monitor

New firmware v4.3 is available for the xPL node ‘hollie-utilmon’ with the following features…

  • Added a PWM output (can be enabled in the firmware with a define, is off by default to keep compliance with older firmware versions)
  • Added support for OneWire temperature devices (DS1820-alike), sensors are queried once a minute but messages are only generated when the temperature changed (as per the xPL spec)
  • The heartbeat messages gives info on the number of OneWire sensors that are detected, and on the PWM output if it is enabled
  • Added packing support on the XPORT so that we shouldn’t be sending uncomplete xPL messages any more when two messages are generated consecutively
  • Various bug fixes, including one that caused multiple nodes on a single LAN to ping-pong messages to each other causing the xPL network to be flooded…

Note, this firmware requires an update in the XPORT configuration: packing needs to be enabled with a gap of 12 ms.

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