Site migrated to WordPress

The site has finally been updated to WordPress.

The Joomla CMS became too cumbersome for me to maintain. Joomla certainly is a flexible and powerful CMS, however, I found out that WordPress better suits my needs.

All content has been migrated. and most important direct Joomla links are being redirected.

In the mean time, the web service has been approved a no-www class B status.


Unroute a complete PCB in Eagle

Unrouting a complete PCB in Eagle means that all routed tracks on the board are reverted back into so-called ‘airwires’. Airwires are lines that show that there is a connection between 2 points on the board, but that no actual connection is routed yet.

Unrouting signals on a board is called ‘ripup’ in Eagle slang.

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