Category: Embedded

  • Ultracapacitor capacity verification over time

    Ultracap went bad due to faulty solder joint. Fixed!

  • Firmware update for utility monitor

    New firmware v4.3 is available for the xPL node ‘hollie-utilmon’ with the following features…

  • Plugwise gateway on NSLU2

    I’m using some Plugwise circles to control various devices around the house. A few lights and the amplifiers of my SqueezeBoxes are automatically switched on and of as required. To couple this with MisterHouse, I built an NSLU2-based gateway to the Plugwise ZigBee network.

  • PSOC Designer 5.0 code porting

    Cypress switched back to the ImageCraft compiler, and now we’re left with the task of fixing our existing codebase that was developed with the HiTech compiler. Not too problematic. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the lack of good/up-to-date documentation. I spent an hour to figure our how to get the printf’s…

  • xPL enabled utility meter monitor

    When built our house, we took measures to ensure that we would consume little energy to keep our place to live warm and cosy. For this, we added extra insulation, we kept the number of air leaks as small as possible, and added a ventilation system that recycles the energy from the extracted air into…

  • Self-powered wireless ambient light sensor

    Since some time, the window blinds in our home are automatically controlled. When the sun rises they go up, at sunset they are closed. To determine the correct time for the blind commands, I’ve written a mix of Perl scripts. There exists a handy Perl module to calculate sunrise/sunset based on the date and your…

  • Ethernet connected PIC: the NetNode

    I’ve designed a circuit with a PIC that has ethernet connectivity. The plan is to use this as a basis for a home automation system. Prototype boards have been running for over a year now to monitor our ventilation system and our solar heating installation.

  • DCF controlled time switch

    I needed a way to automatically control the main heating of my parents house. The basic idea is to start the heating at a certain time in the morning, and to switch it off at night. The switching points are different on various weekdays. Of course, I could have bought a time switch. However, those…

  • BoostC compiler libraries

    Introduction On this page you can download some interface libraries to use with the BoostC compiler. After long years of assembly PIC programming, I finally moved on to a C compiler for faster development and easier code reuse.