Category: Linux

  • Incremental backup script with daily delta

    This script enables a ‘Time Machine alike’ backup of folders on a computer to a remote server. The script keeps daily snapshots by saving the deltas compared to the previous backup. The rest of the info is symlinked so you don’t end up using 7 times the required amount of disk space on the server.…

  • Making a fresh install of a NSLU2 (SLUG)

    OK, it’s time to reinstall my Linksys NSLU2 NAS device (petnamed ‘slug’) to finally put it into ‘production’. This is a list of steps that I have taken, together with some notes that might come in handy if I ever need to do this again.

  • Installing RRDtool with perl bindings on the NSLU

    RRDtool is a nifty database mechanism that is widely used for monitoring parameters of routers, switches, weather stations, solar installations, … I use it to monitor various parameters of our home. Since this is a 24/7 task, I run it on a low-power devic: the NSLU2. This article describes how to install the RRDtools on…

  • WRT54G and the Dynamic IP services of offers a dynamic IP service as a part of their domain name registration services. They offer client software for updating your IP address, but the provided script requires some changes in order to work on your WRT54G(S). Below, you can a modified script for the Linksys WRT54G that updates your registered IP address when…

  • NLSU2 overclocking

    Well actually, de-underclocking, but that’s not such a fancy title isn’t it 🙂 Is seems that Linksys has deliberately underclocked the main processor of the NSLU2. The people of the unslung project found out that by removing a single resistor from the NSLU2 pcb, you can get to normal (x1) clockspeed. More info.

  • Installing bash on the NSLU2

    Installing bash on the NSLU2 seems simple, just run # ipkg install bash If you subsequently change the shell type of a user to /bin/bash, you’ll find out that you will not be able to login. In order for everything to work properly, you also have to create the file /etc/shells containing: /bin/sh /bin/bash

  • Setting up the NSLU2 as mail server

    This information is deprecated. The dovecot mail server is now available as ipkg for installation on your slug. I leave the information here out of sentiment and who knows, it might come in handy for someone… As many people, I’ve been running an old PC with a large hard drive as local file and mail…