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  • Writing out a decimal value as a hex string

    A function to convert a decimal value to a hex string.

  • DCF controlled time switch

    I needed a way to automatically control the main heating of my parents house. The basic idea is to start the heating at a certain time in the morning, and to switch it off at night. The switching points are different on various weekdays. Of course, I could have bought a time switch. However, those […]

  • WRT54G and the Dynamic IP services of BNamed.net

    BNamed.net offers a dynamic IP service as a part of their domain name registration services. They offer client software for updating your IP address, but the provided script requires some changes in order to work on your WRT54G(S). Below, you can a modified script for the Linksys WRT54G that updates your registered IP address when […]

  • File decimater

    A simple script that allows to strip a certain file by retaining only a subset of the lines of the original file. Usage: ┬ádcmate <inputfile> <lines_to_skip> There is also a trivial graphical interface to the tool, called ‘dcmatex’. Put the file in the same folder as the ‘dcmate’ script. It requires the Perl::Tk module. Download: […]

  • Outlook calendar event generator

    This script will generate a list of events that can be imported in your Outlook calendar. Comes in handy if you work in shifts that are not week-aligned. You can enter the events quickly in a graphical representation of the days of a specific month. The idea is that you first select a ‘shift’ and […]

  • BoostC compiler libraries

    Introduction On this page you can download some interface libraries to use with the BoostC compiler. After long years of assembly PIC programming, I finally moved on to a C compiler for faster development and easier code reuse.