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  • Permission hierarchy for Trac

    How to implement a hierarchical permission tree in the project-management tool Trac.

  • Unroute a complete PCB in Eagle

    Unrouting a complete PCB in Eagle means that all routed tracks on the board are reverted back into so-called ‘airwires’. Airwires are lines that show that there is a connection between 2 points on the board, but that no actual connection is routed yet. Unrouting signals on a board is called ‘ripup’ in Eagle slang.

  • Extract and count unique items in a list

    Excel easily allows to extract a list of unique items and count them. Handy when you have to extract an order list from a BOM of a PCB for example 😉

  • Comparing 2 Modelsim wave traces

    Comparing the wave traces of 2 different simulations in Modelsim is quite easy.

  • Enable tab completion in Windows terminal

    To enable tab completion in a command terminal on Windows, perform the following steps: Open regedit (Start->Run->’regedit’) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor Set the value for the key CompletionCharacter to 9

  • Automatically mounting USB drives on Mac OS X

    When plugging in an external USB drive on Mac OS X, it gets nicely mounted under /Volumes and appears on your desktop. However, since I use my MAC mini as Slimserver machine for my squeezebox, I want this automount also to happen after boot, before a user is logged in. This seems not to be…

  • Search for text in files on Linux

    Searching for a certain text in mulitple files? Just run: grep -lir “word” * And you’re all set. It will return you the name of the files containing “word” in the current folders and subfolders. E.g.: ~/projects/xap $ grep -lir “header” * hub.c If you then need the lines that contain the search term, just…

  • Recovering from a RAID ‘Degraded Array’ event

    OK, so you have that nice and shiny server up and running with a RAID array, and all of a sudden you start getting ‘Degraded Array’ messages… Assuming the error is not hardware-related (i.e. one drive of the array that is failing) you can easily recover from this message.

  • Tracing a signal in ModelSim

    To log a specific signal in a ModelSim simulation, make  a script like this:

  • Making a fresh install of a NSLU2 (SLUG)

    OK, it’s time to reinstall my Linksys NSLU2 NAS device (petnamed ‘slug’) to finally put it into ‘production’. This is a list of steps that I have taken, together with some notes that might come in handy if I ever need to do this again.