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  • Making a fresh install of a NSLU2 (SLUG)

    OK, it’s time to reinstall my Linksys NSLU2 NAS device (petnamed ‘slug’) to finally put it into ‘production’. This is a list of steps that I have taken, together with some notes that might come in handy if I ever need to do this again.

  • Installing RRDtool with perl bindings on the NSLU

    RRDtool is a nifty database mechanism that is widely used for monitoring parameters of routers, switches, weather stations, solar installations, … I use it to monitor various parameters of our home. Since this is a 24/7 task, I run it on a low-power devic: the NSLU2. This article describes how to install the RRDtools on…

  • NLSU2 overclocking

    Well actually, de-underclocking, but that’s not such a fancy title isn’t it 🙂 Is seems that Linksys has deliberately underclocked the main processor of the NSLU2. The people of the unslung project found out that by removing a single resistor from the NSLU2 pcb, you can get to normal (x1) clockspeed. More info.

  • Installing bash on the NSLU2

    Installing bash on the NSLU2 seems simple, just run # ipkg install bash If you subsequently change the shell type of a user to /bin/bash, you’ll find out that you will not be able to login. In order for everything to work properly, you also have to create the file /etc/shells containing: /bin/sh /bin/bash

  • Setting up the NSLU2 as mail server

    This information is deprecated. The dovecot mail server is now available as ipkg for installation on your slug. I leave the information here out of sentiment and who knows, it might come in handy for someone… As many people, I’ve been running an old PC with a large hard drive as local file and mail…