Creating gerber output files from Eagle PCB

A short description on creating gerber files from Eagle PCB  for the processing of your PCB.

1. Design the PCB, obviously… Run both ERC and DRC with parameters as defined by your manufacturer.

2. Create the drill rack using ‘File’ -> ‘run’ -> ‘drillcfg.ulp’. Select ‘mm’ for the dimensions and click OK.

3. Create the Excellon drill data files. Open the ‘CAM processor’
window and select the Excellon job. Click the ‘process job’ button.

4. Open the ‘’ job in the ‘CAM processor’. Verify that the
correct layers are selected for output. The ‘mirror’
option should be deselected on all layers! Click ‘process job’.

5. Verify the generated files using a gerber file viewer, e.g. gc-prevue or gerbv. The output formats are

*.drl = drill list, import this first in gc-prevue (file type will be unrecognised, select ‘drill rack’)
*.drd = drill data, location of the drill holes
*.cmp = component side metal
*.sol = solder side metal
*.stc = mask stop for component side
*.sts = mask stop for solder side
*.plc = silkscreen for component side.

That’s it.