Category: Perl

  • Fixing SSL problems with Dist::Zilla and github

    I’m using Dist::Zilla extensively to test/release the Perl code I write. I had to fix a bug on one of the modules I wrote and I ran into this error when I tried ‘dist test’ on the freshly checked out repo: After some searching I found that IO::Socket::SSL throws this error when it tries to…

  • Plugwise gateway on NSLU2

    I’m using some Plugwise circles to control various devices around the house. A few lights and the amplifiers of my SqueezeBoxes are automatically switched on and of as required. To couple this with MisterHouse, I built an NSLU2-based gateway to the Plugwise ZigBee network.

  • Garmin simple text convertor script

    I needed to test some XBee long-range radios. Hmm, how can we make this test useful and fun at the same time? Well, let’s put one end of the radio in the lab connected to a computer, and wander around with the other radio while transmitting the current position obtained from a GPS. Using the…

  • Perl vs career

    No comment 😉

  • Writing out a decimal value as a hex string

    A function to convert a decimal value to a hex string.

  • File decimater

    A simple script that allows to strip a certain file by retaining only a subset of the lines of the original file. Usage:  dcmate <inputfile> <lines_to_skip> There is also a trivial graphical interface to the tool, called ‘dcmatex’. Put the file in the same folder as the ‘dcmate’ script. It requires the Perl::Tk module. Download:…

  • Outlook calendar event generator

    This script will generate a list of events that can be imported in your Outlook calendar. Comes in handy if you work in shifts that are not week-aligned. You can enter the events quickly in a graphical representation of the days of a specific month. The idea is that you first select a ‘shift’ and…