Outlook calendar event generator

This script will generate a list of events that can be imported in your Outlook calendar. Comes in handy if you work in shifts that are not week-aligned.

You can enter the events quickly in a graphical representation of the days of a specific month. The idea is that you first select a ‘shift’ and that you then click on the days that should be assigned the selected shift. The buttons in the calendar view will change color to reflect the new shift.

Once all events are entered, the Outlook import file can be generated by clicking the ‘generate’ button.

The GUI looks like this:

Download: caltool

Required Perl modules:

  • Tk
  • Date::Calc

Perl modules can easily be installed by using the package manager of your Perl distro:

  • On Linux:
    perl -MCPAN -e shell
  • On Windows with ActiveState Perl: