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  • Automatically mounting USB drives on Mac OS X

    When plugging in an external USB drive on Mac OS X, it gets nicely mounted under /Volumes and appears on your desktop. However, since I use my MAC mini as Slimserver machine for my squeezebox, I want this automount also to happen after boot, before a user is logged in. This seems not to be […]

  • Search for text in files on Linux

    Searching for a certain text in mulitple files? Just run: grep -lir “word” * And you’re all set. It will return you the name of the files containing “word” in the current folders and subfolders. E.g.: ~/projects/xap $ grep -lir “header” * hub.c If you then need the lines that contain the search term, just […]

  • Recovering from a RAID ‘Degraded Array’ event

    OK, so you have that nice and shiny server up and running with a RAID array, and all of a sudden you start getting ‘Degraded Array’ messages… Assuming the error is not hardware-related (i.e. one drive of the array that is failing) you can easily recover from this message.

  • Tracing a signal in ModelSim

    To log a specific signal in a ModelSim simulation, make  a script like this:

  • Adding MGE UPS support to SME server

    MGE UPS support Enable the monitor service config set nut service status enabled config setprop nut Model mge-shut config setprop nut Device /dev/ttyS0 signal-event post-upgrade /etc/init.d/ups start Verify if the UPS was detected upsc ups@localhost | grep mfr should show something like ups.mfr: MGE UPS SYSTEMS

  • Adding the smartd service to SME server

    It is interesting to monitor the hard drives of your Linux server for possible problems. The smartd package allows you to monitor the SMART parameters of any drive attached to your system. In case things are going wrong, smartd will warn you by email and chances are that you will be able to gracefully shut […]

  • Creating gerber output files from Eagle PCB

    A short description on creating gerber files from Eagle PCB  for the processing of your PCB. 1. Design the PCB, obviously… Run both ERC and DRC with parameters as defined by your manufacturer. 2. Create the drill rack using ‘File’ -> ‘run’ -> ‘drillcfg.ulp’. Select ‘mm’ for the dimensions and click OK. 3. Create the […]

  • Setting up CVS access over SSH

    How to set up CVS acces to a repository over SSH using a public/private key pair.