Plugwise xPL interface for v2 firmware

So, I needed a few more Plugwise Circles to automate some devices at home. I’m using the very cool Perl toolkit by Mark Hindess to create an xPL compliant interface towards the devices on an NSLU2. Problem: the interface I used was only compatible with firmware v1, and of course the new Circles ship with a newer (and incompatible) firmware. Time to upgrade!

Thanks to the preparatory work of Maarten Damen and Roheve I didn’t have to reverse engineer the protocol myself. Credits to you guys! I upgraded the existing xpl-plugwise code that was originally developed by Jfn and I have put it in a git repository. It is available here.

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xPL enabled utility meter monitor

When built our house, we took measures to ensure that we would consume little energy to keep our place to live warm and cosy. For this, we added extra insulation, we kept the number of air leaks as small as possible, and added a ventilation system that recycles the energy from the extracted air into the fresh air that is brought into our home.
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