Category: Electronics

  • New template for weather station website

    I just found out that there is an update available for the template I have been using over the last past years for my weather station. The NeoWX material skin from Neoground is a modern and visually attractive skin that I am happy to apply to my local weather report page.

  • Connecting to your SDR from anywhere using Tailscale

    Amateur radio connections over a geostationary satellite with a hardware setup in your garden, accessible from any location where you have network connectivity. Powered via the magic of an analog Devices Pluto SDR, Remote SDR by F1ATB and Tailscale! After making a school contact with the amateur radio station DP0GVN in Antarctica last year I […]

  • Fixing a noisy Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO

    I’m using Ubiquiti networking gear to provide wireless connectivity at home. I’m happy with the easy of installation, management and performance of the devices. In the last weeks I started to notice that the UAP-AC-PRO that is mounted at the ceiling in my office space started making a buzzing/whining noise. This was not the case […]

  • Perl OpenSSL on OS X

    Note to self for later reference: I regularly update my Dist::Zilla install on my computer (running OS X 10.9 Maverick). After the last update suddenly the [GitHub::Meta] plugin failed with the following error: [GitHub::Meta] Getting GitHub repository info [GitHub::Meta] Err: SSL connection failed for Client side SNI not supported for this openssl The reason […]

  • Fixing SSL problems with Dist::Zilla and github

    I’m using Dist::Zilla extensively to test/release the Perl code I write. I had to fix a bug on one of the modules I wrote and I ran into this error when I tried ‘dist test’ on the freshly checked out repo: After some searching I found that IO::Socket::SSL throws this error when it tries to […]

  • Ultracapacitor capacity verification over time

    Ultracap went bad due to faulty solder joint. Fixed!

  • Hostname instellen in Mac OS X

    Sinds een tijdje was de hostnaam in de terminal van mijn iMac veranderd in de originele hostname met een prefix -2. Nogal storend, maar wel eenvoudig te fixen…

  • Plugwise xPL interface for v2 firmware

    So, I needed a few more Plugwise Circles to automate some devices at home. I’m using the very cool Perl toolkit by Mark Hindess to create an xPL compliant interface towards the devices on an NSLU2. Problem: the interface I used was only compatible with firmware v1, and of course the new Circles ship with […]

  • PV statuspagina

    Via een collega terechtgekomen op een ‘flashy’ monitoring pagina voor PV installaties. De status van onze installatie geef ik door via een zelfgeschreven script dat de gegevens uit een RRDtool database haalt. Updates van de live status gebeuren elke 15 minuten. Een aanrader! Nu alleen nog wat meer installaties uit België erin zien te krijgen… […]

  • Incremental backup script with daily delta

    This script enables a ‘Time Machine alike’ backup of folders on a computer to a remote server. The script keeps daily snapshots by saving the deltas compared to the previous backup. The rest of the info is symlinked so you don’t end up using 7 times the required amount of disk space on the server. […]