Category: Electronics

  • File decimater

    A simple script that allows to strip a certain file by retaining only a subset of the lines of the original file. Usage:  dcmate <inputfile> <lines_to_skip> There is also a trivial graphical interface to the tool, called ‘dcmatex’. Put the file in the same folder as the ‘dcmate’ script. It requires the Perl::Tk module. Download: […]

  • Outlook calendar event generator

    This script will generate a list of events that can be imported in your Outlook calendar. Comes in handy if you work in shifts that are not week-aligned. You can enter the events quickly in a graphical representation of the days of a specific month. The idea is that you first select a ‘shift’ and […]

  • Creating gerber output files from Eagle PCB

    A short description on creating gerber files from Eagle PCB  for the processing of your PCB. 1. Design the PCB, obviously… Run both ERC and DRC with parameters as defined by your manufacturer. 2. Create the drill rack using ‘File’ -> ‘run’ -> ‘drillcfg.ulp’. Select ‘mm’ for the dimensions and click OK. 3. Create the […]

  • NLSU2 overclocking

    Well actually, de-underclocking, but that’s not such a fancy title isn’t it 🙂 Is seems that Linksys has deliberately underclocked the main processor of the NSLU2. The people of the unslung project found out that by removing a single resistor from the NSLU2 pcb, you can get to normal (x1) clockspeed. More info.

  • BoostC compiler libraries

    Introduction On this page you can download some interface libraries to use with the BoostC compiler. After long years of assembly PIC programming, I finally moved on to a C compiler for faster development and easier code reuse.

  • Setting up CVS access over SSH

    How to set up CVS acces to a repository over SSH using a public/private key pair.

  • Installing bash on the NSLU2

    Installing bash on the NSLU2 seems simple, just run # ipkg install bash If you subsequently change the shell type of a user to /bin/bash, you’ll find out that you will not be able to login. In order for everything to work properly, you also have to create the file /etc/shells containing: /bin/sh /bin/bash

  • Setting up the NSLU2 as mail server

    This information is deprecated. The dovecot mail server is now available as ipkg for installation on your slug. I leave the information here out of sentiment and who knows, it might come in handy for someone… As many people, I’ve been running an old PC with a large hard drive as local file and mail […]