Installing bash on the NSLU2

Installing bash on the NSLU2 seems simple, just run

# ipkg install bash

If you subsequently change the shell type of a user to /bin/bash, you’ll find out that you will not be able to login.

In order for everything to work properly, you also have to create the file




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Setting up the NSLU2 as mail server

This information is deprecated. The dovecot mail server is now available as ipkg for installation on your slug.

I leave the information here out of sentiment and who knows, it might come in handy for someone…

As many people, I’ve been running an old PC with a large hard drive as local file and mail server.

When Linksys released their cute little NSLU2, and it became clear that it was possible to load that device with an alternative open firmware, I thought it was time to shut the 8-year old AMD K6 down.

I’ll describe the steps I followed to install an IMAP server with the combination of dovecot, fetchmail, and procmail on the NSLU2.

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