NLSU2 overclocking

Well actually, de-underclocking, but that’s not such a fancy title isn’t it 🙂

Is seems that Linksys has deliberately underclocked the main processor of the NSLU2.

The people of the unslung project found out that by removing a single resistor from the NSLU2 pcb, you can get to normal (x1) clockspeed. More info.

!! Update 20060810: It seems that the new NSLU2 devices are shipped with a normal CPU clock frequency. Verify that your slug is running at 133 MHz before proceeding with the instructions below!

De-underclocking is easy:

Firstly, open up your dear slug by carefully prying open the case. Remove the PCB from the back side of the case.

The offending resistor is found in the area marked by the red circle:

Taking a closer look to the circled area, you’ll see 4 SMD resistors on neighbouring locations, and one free location. You’ll want to remove R83, which is the one just next to the free pad. Desolder it.

The picture below shows the PCB after removing R83.

Assemble the unit again and apply power. After login, you get:

# cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep MIPS BogoMIPS        : 263.78

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a TurboSlug.

Please note that the usual disclaimers apply: if you break things, you get to keep both halves.